Building for Tomorrow. Today.


When we support them in their earliest years, infants grow into healthy kids who are confident, empathetic, and ready for school and life—and our communities, workforce, and economy become stronger and more productive. That’s why it is so important to start early and advance programs and policies that promote healthy development.

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Return on Investment

Through better education, health, social, and economic outcomes later in life.

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of Low-Income Children

Arrive at kindergarten unprepared to succeed.


It’s not just infants, toddlers, and their families who benefit when we start early—it’s the entire community. When we invest in the first three years of a child’s life, the returns for communities are the highest, and we can reduce the need for more expensive interventions later.

In addition, the workforce relief these programs can provide makes a measurable impact on today’s workforce and economy through employees who are less stressed to perform their jobs and more efficient, helping to bolster the local economy and workforce.

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of Millienials

say they would leave their jobs
for ones with more family-friendly benefits.

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Decrease in Job Turnover

Reported by companies who invest in childcare services for their employees.